Visit Vivaldi Software on MDM East in NYC


Come visit our booth on MDM East in New York (USA) from June 13 until June 15. 

MDM East offers a powerful educational experience designed for the unique needs of the medical manufacturing professional. Back for its 34th year, the largest conference on the East Coast is delivering 4 tracks of can’t-miss education with Silicon Valley icon Steve Wozniak as one of the Keynote Speakers.

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Establishment Labs, our first customer in Costa Rica

Establishment Labs

We are proud to announce that we have signed up our 1st client for Vivaldi QMS in Costa Rica: 
Establishment Labs, a breast implant & medical technology company!

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Document Control Software To Set You Up For AS9100


Every organization at some point, needs to look to what they do, and how they do it. Current quality control methods used, as well as documenting ”what you do” is essential for progress with compliance related matters.

AS9100 compliance is no different.

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How To Maintain Optimal Use Of QMS With Suppliers

Supplier Quality QMS

Organizations are making significant advances when it comes to inviting strategic partnerships. The reality that companies can achieve a mutual benefit from aligning goals is unmistakable, and seen by some as a prerequisite for continued success.

Entering into supplier partnerships can be an exciting and purposeful adventure, however the road to enlightenment has some pitfalls that can be hazardous, if you’re not careful.

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How Customer Feedback Can Drive Your Quality Processes

Customer Feedback Quality

If we take a moment to think of the top five things that a business struggles with, customer retention has to be near the lead. We spend so much time trying to lure new business, only to discover we are then riding a roller-coaster of repeat business uncertainty.

It’s definitely a challenge for any organization in these competitive times, and so it should be.

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What Life Science Companies Are Doing To Ensure Audit Compliance

Life Sciences Microscope

For those in the life sciences industry, audits are a normal and consistent part of their world. Regulatory compliance means all eyes must be focused on product safety and quality. We all take protection for granted, but it is standards such as FDA (21 CFR Part 11), GxP, and ISO 9001 that give business, and the consumer a sense of confidence and security.

So, what about your life science organization? Is the intention there, but your knowledge in need of fine tuning?

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How To Keep Up To Date With ISO Requirements

ISO requirements

The way in which we all do business has slowly but surely evolved over time, and with evolution comes a need for greater regulatory conformity. Time marches on, and inevitably there comes a time for review and acceptance of a new range of guidelines.

Yes, just as it seemed safe to go back into the water, many business owners are dragged forward out of the land of complacency into the brave new world of change and modification. So, how do you keep up?

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Why You Need To Build Complaints Handling Into QA

Complaints Handling

Customer dissatisfaction is never a nice occurrence for any business. Nonetheless, it does exist, and within some industries, is growing at an alarming rate.

Customers are increasingly demanding, and expect a great deal more than we may recall from previous years.

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3 Tools Every Quality System Must Have In Play


Any organization’s quality systems rely on a many intrinsic elements, but there are some more important than others. If you are looking to implement or improve your current quality assurance practices, start giving some thought to what these fundamentals may be.

If you think it all seems too hard, begin with some dedicated thought on the following three essentials.

Keep reading, the solution for your organization may be right in front of you.

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The Importance Of Developmental Validation In Forensic Science

Validation Forensics

The need for a scientific element in today’s medicine and criminology is well known, and it is this awareness that has assisted the creators of modern software to develop an understanding of competencies required in the field.

The world of forensics invokes a few thoughts in most people’s minds, but without getting too technical, the science of forensics has originated from the principles of repeatable processes and worthiness of evidence.

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