5 success factors for organizing a workshop to detect market requirements

workshop customer requirements

To clearly identify the needs and desires of your customers, it is best to split these into two groups: general (market) requirements and customer specific needs and desires.

One of the first tasks in identifying your customers’ general requirements and desires is to find out what the market expects from you.

A good way to develop a sort of checklist of these market requirements is to organize a workshop that focuses on these questions. 


Here are 5 key success factors for organizing such a workshop:

  1. Assemble a group where all the departments in the organization are represented for this workshop. You want to be broad-minded and each and every additional angle or perspective is important for this.

  2. Make the goal of the workshop, “to develop a checklist of all the market requirements” clear to all the participants.

  3. Do not get caught up or limited by accepted dogmas during the workshop. Dare to think outside the box and have an open-mind. Dare to question everything.

  4. Create a checklist of all interactions that occur between the customer and your organization and determine what the expectations of the market regarding these interactions are. As you see, we dig much deeper into subject matter than one would have first expected. Not only is the quality of the product or service itself examined, but the expectations of the market as well.

  5. Dare to formulate quantitative requirements and/or goals, such as e.g.:
    • We will respond to price requests with a personalized quote within 4 hours.
    • A complaint will be resolved within 5 working days.
    • All customers will be called at least once annually and asked how we can be of even better service to them.
    • We will call our most important customers once each quarter.

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