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As a Business consultant with Vivaldi Software EMEA I get questions about the use and implementation of our software from both prospects and customers on a daily basis.

A lot of these questions are industry or company related, but a substantial part of the questions are fairly generic and applicable to organizations in any industry.

Questions related to “having control over printed documents” definitely matter to almost all of our customers.

Although the digital world is growing exponentially and applications are becoming more advanced and widespread, the majority of people prefer reading physical paper copies of their daily newspapers and weekly magazines instead of on a screen.

Knowing this, it will not come as a surprise to you that we often get questions on how to handle the printing of procedures, work instructions and other documentation.

At Vivaldi Software we believe that a user should be able to print a copy of an electronic document. This should not be a problem; however, what happens after having read this printed copy?

  • Will the printed document be trashed or will it be lying around on some desk for weeks or months?
  • How can a user be sure that the printed document is the most recent version and thus still valid?
  • How do I notify my coworkers that they are using an uncontrolled copy of a document?

The answer is quite simple: add this information to the printed document

I can hear you thinking: “There are zillions of file formats including PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Publisher, MS Visio etc. Do I have to add version information on each and every document in every file format?” Of course not.

First, the optional Vivaldi PDF Converter allows you to automatically convert almost any file format to a PDF file. Your users will no longer have to open the original file format, but will use the PDF version instead. This also assures that every user will be able to open the document, even if the application associated with the original file format is not installed on the computer or device that is used to open the document.

Here is the magic key to the solution: in Vivaldi Document Control you have the option to print text watermarks on PDF documents. You can have Vivaldi Document Control automatically add standardized text and document properties like the version number, the name of the user, the date of printing etc. The color of the text can also be chosen, enabling you to really highlight this information by using a flashy color.

Gone are all your worries about getting control over printed documents!

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