The Vivaldi workflow platform is user-friendly, easy to set-up and designed in a way that you require no technical knowledge to configure.

The Vivaldi wizards will help you get started.

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Flow designer

From A to Z. And everywhere in-between.

The Vivaldi workflow platform will take your business processes to the next level. You can incorporate your modest or more complex processes with ease. Configuration of processes no longer requires a technical expert and only takes a matter of minutes, not days, months or even years.

Use drag & drop to start the journey to Collect, Collaborate and Share.

Whatever your background, Vivaldi has you covered.

Form designer

Workflow software that is flexible to you.

Using Vivaldi's form designer you can get your data captured in your preferred way. You and your co-workers are used to specific forms and methods for data entry, so why change?

Some systems may force you to fit your information into their own rigid format. At Vivaldi – we know every organization handles data in different ways. Therefore, we’d rather be flexible to you, than force your information into Vivaldi.


Don’t just “show” your data, present it.

Data capture is integral to business but the interpretation of the data is often neglected. At Vivaldi we offer you bespoke, easily customizable (by you) dashboards to display your data in an array of ways.

Highlight trends with graphs or customize the information displayed with bespoke lists. Vivaldi lets you present your data in an easily interpretable way. 


Divide and conquer…then collaborate.

Is there anything more frustrating than reading information that isn’t relevant to you? No. It is time consuming and only leads to distract you. 

Using workspaces in Vivaldi you can customize your workspaces to be specific to departments, teams, goals and many more. This ensures that everyone sees relevant information.

Divide the work how you want and then collaborate on a higher level to ensure all targets are addresses.

Linked data collections

Repetition, repetition, repetition….zzz…

When you have data collected that belongs to numerous different aspects of your organization, the last thing you want to do is repeat the work of data input.

Leave behind the worries of multiple database management for one piece of data.

Use Vivaldi to link and share this information wherever it is needed, with the bonus that you can look-up the information. Type it once, use it as many times as you like.

Easy permission management

Keep it safe, keep it controlled.

You wouldn’t let just anybody add or modify your personal data on your own computer. Vivaldi has your data covered.

You don’t want a complex assortment of access control features, it can be just as negative to the health of your system.

With Vivaldi, permissions and control is very straight-forward – for the possible actions select an option and who should be included/excluded in performing any such actions. Vivaldi keeps your data safe, keeps it controlled.


Wherever you go, Vivaldi goes.

Vivaldi is blessed with an intuitive, responsive design. Had to leave the office but want to finalize that final task? On the commute home and want to see the statistics for your department or team? With Vivaldi you can.

Vivaldi is fully compatible with laptops (computers), phones and tablets with a responsive design to react to your screen size for optimal usage, no matter where you are. Vivaldi lets you take work out of the office walls.


Businesses grow, Vivaldi will grow with you.

Businesses, like people grow. Vivaldi will aid you in the growth of your business, highlighting targets and ensuring you stick to them.

After the implementation of a new system you don’t want it to become not fit for purpose and unable to handle your new found growth.

Vivaldi is perfect for SME’s and when you expand to full scale Enterprise - it will too, coping with additional data volumes and traffic.

A highly flexible system with the longevity to grow with you, side by side. This is Vivaldi.

  • Flexible ready-to-use workflow processes
  • Audit Trail
  • Mobile: works on any device
  • Connectivity & Integration (API)
  • Electronic Signature (21 CFR Part 11)
  • Available in the cloud or On-Premise
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