Vivaldi Training Manager

Vivaldi Training Manager

Software for the centralized management of training records, skills & competences.

Complies with various international regulations and standards:
ISO 9001, FDA, ISO 17025, GxP and more.

See Training Manager in action

Company-wide overview over all training records.

Overview of all trainings and sessions

Customizable summary lists.

You determine which fields you want to see as columns in the summary list. The list can be grouped or sorted on all displayed columns.

Easy export of data.

With one simple click of the mouse, export the content of the list to MS Excel.

Powerful search function.

Search using all the fields available for training courses and training sessions.

Smooth workflow.

workflow: registration, approval, assessment and evaluation

Online registration for a training course.

The web interface allows you to offer all employees the opportunity to register for training courses. There is no user license required for the Vivaldi Training Management web interface.

Optional approval workflow.

Each training registration can be individually approved or rejected.

Assessments and evaluations.

After completing a training course, participants can evaluate the quality of the training they followed using the Windows client or the Web interface.

The person internally responsible for the training can assess and award scores to the different trainees after they have completed the training course. With the optional Exams module, you can design an exam with rotating questions to test the knowledge of the trainees after a training session.

Competence & skill matrix.

Competence & skill matrix

The built-in skills matrix of our Training management module, with freely specifiable skill levels, allows you to identify the acquired and required skills in your organization.

Matrices are available for:

  • Prior learning per person.
  • Objectives (skills to be acquired) per person.
  • Functional skills required based on the organization chart.
  • Skills to be acquired through training.

Reporting, analytics & data exchange.

Reporting, analytics & data exchange

Internal reporting tools.

Vivaldi Training Management includes a built-in statistics module that summarizes your information as well as offering quick insights into trends and patterns in your data:

  • Training history per person or per training.
  • Cost overview.
  • GAP analysis: see which skills a person is missing (gaps) compared to the skills required based on the job title(s) in the organization chart.
  • GAP analysis: determine if any gaps exist for a particular person based on the proposed objectives (goals scores).
  • Find the best internal candidate for a promotion or to perform a specific job: Vivaldi Training Manager provides a visual representation of which person best meets the skill requirements of the selected job title in matrix form.
  • Export to MS Excel: export lists to MS Excel with the selection criteria and columns you specify included in the list.

External reporting tools & data exchange.

And thanks to the open architecture of the MS SQL Server database, you can access the data with external statistics and reporting tools like MS Excel, MS Access, MS SQL Reporting tools or Cognos. It also allows you to synchronize your data with 3rd party applications or you can even develop your own peripheral applications.

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